made for climbing


Out of a personal interest, and thanks to Dirk Bendl's will and commitment to create his own climbing holds, the first climbing holds were made in Murnau, Germany, about 10 years ago. What has been originally made for his personal use quickly turned into a serious undertaking.  
Consequently, the mother company TT-3D GmbH used its 20 years of experience in the fields of polymer processing and construction of models to produce unique climbing holds made of a new material; a material that was, at that time, almost unknown to the German producers of climbing holds.  


As a considerably less dangerous and less pollutive alternative to polyester, polyurethane was used for the production of climbing holds right from the beginning. Lightness and flexibility are the most outstanding features of polyurethane.  
After five years of development and research in order to find the right material, the first climbing holds were brought to the market in 2010, made of an inhouse manufactured polyurethane material and sold under the label of BAVARIAHOLDS.  
These days, all BAVARIAHOLDS climbing holds are made of 100% PU without any bulking agents and thus fulfil extraordinary requirements.


The capricorn will be the new trademark of BAVARIAHOLDS. In order to revolutionize the climbing scene and the climbing hold market, Simon Berschick was hired as the new brand manager for the label BAVARIAHOLDS in mid 2015. He restructured and rebuilt the company to match the huge requirements for climbing holds and for the brand itself in the future.